Weather in Manhattan from Wed Oct 21 — Wed Oct 28

I think the color works really well when dealing with temperature, I was able to reflect colder temperature with colder colors. From the data I see that it’s getting colder in Manhattan and that Sun Oct 25 was cold!

In light of recent events, with the future of women’s reproductive health in the United States up in the air, I decided to tackle the issue of family planning. I feel like I see stories and stats on women’s health often, but the greater topic of family planning is rarely…

For my chart this week, I looked at family planning and related medical services, using the CDC 2015–2017 data on Family planning and related medical services received in the last 12 months among women 15–49 years of age. For my dataviz, I chose a hierarchical chart to represent the services…

For my midterm, I am choosing to focus on family planning and women’s health. Though a topic often discussed, I find it extremely important to discuss not in light of recent events.

I found my data from the WHO, this was my first dataviz on the “Need for family planning satisfied”.

From reading Sandhya Kambhampati’s piece “Cleaner, Smarter Spreadsheets Start with Structure” I was surprised to have been surprised by her “structure data is more important than memorizing formulas” claim, because it seems so obvious. More important that learning =SUM(B3+B4) is learning how to organize your information in a readable way…

Kristi Yang

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